Energy is a critical aspect and HMA Pumps is committed to “provide Energy Efficient Solutions” to its customers while guiding and educating them on ways to save energy.

Following energy saving solutions are available for our customers:

1.Energy savings with stainless steel material
2.Energy savings with High Eff-1 (IE2) Motors
3.Energy savings with variable speed systems
4.Energy savings with correct selection sizing


These solutions are tried and tested with savings in millions of kWh’s to our customers day after day.

  • In 501 Pumping Station, HMA replaced 300 hp with 140 hp vertical SS pumps.

  • In Pindi Cantonment Board 200 hp saving per hour was made possible in 40 SS submersible pumps i.e. 5 hp lesser power per pump.

  • In Topi Pumping Station 3 nos. 10 cusecs Split case pumps of 300 hp replaced 340 hp End suction pumps to save 120hp/h.