While celebrating its Silver Jubilee, HMA continues to provide a wide range of Pumping solutions by partnering with international pump experts through technology acquisitions. HMA Technology Partners are listed Below

Company Country Established Website Profile Authorization Selection Software
Turkey 1964 www.vansan.com.tr Vansan Profile Vansan Certificate Vansan Selector
Italy 1952 www.rovatti.com Rovatti Profile Rovatti Certificate Rovatti Selector
Turkey 1977 www.masgrup.com MAS DAF Profile MAS DAF Certificate MAS DAF Selector
Italy 1979 www.faggiolatipumps.it Faggiolati Profile Faggiolati Certificate Faggiolati Selector
Italy 1960 www.felm.it Felm Profile Felm Certificate N/A
Spain 1902 www.bombas-ideal.net Bombas Profile Bombas Certificate Bombas Selector
China 2001 www.solartech.cn Solartech Profile Solartech Certificate Solartech Selector
Turkey 1971 www.turbosan.com Turbosan Profile Turbosan Certificate Turbosan Selector
Denmark 1945 www.grundfos.com Grundfos Profile Grundfos Certificate Grundfos Selector
Italy 1984 www.doseuro.com Doseuro Profile N/A N/A