Water is the most uncelebrated miracle…
The demand for consumption of this natural resource is being put under constant strain.At HMA , we look for the most efficient technologies for the extraction, supply and distribution of water.It is no wonder that water is the Key of Life… and plays a vital role in the economic development of any nation.


With all of the above in mind and the fact that Pakistan is an agriculture based country, group Chairman, Mr. Akram Sultan, decided to address these needs by forming an alliance based on local manufacturing, assembly, sales & distribution with Grundfos. After which HMA introduced many products in the last 25 years in Pakistan by adding strategic partnerships with Rovatti Pumps-Italy, Vansan Pumps-Turkey, FELM (Eff1) Motors- Italy, Faggiolatti Pump- Italy, Doseuro- Italy, Bombas Ideal- Spain, MAS DAF- Turkey, Turbo San Pumps- Turkey, and Solar invertors from Solartech.